Saturday, 15 September 2012

A year later - me ?

I've been neglecting this blog. I checked my last post and it was september 2011. And it is september 2012 now and I didn't actually write any posts in between. LOL.

How did I manage to live like that? well, somehow I just did.

So what happens a year later ?

As of today, let's see.

Last year, i weighed around 42.5 kg / 42 kg. As of today, my weight is _________________

41 kg !

well it was 40 kg after raya. But these says I've been eating like an elephant and put on 1 kg !

And now I'm 41 kg. LOL.

I'm thinking of shedding of some more kgs.

I don't have full body photo of myself now. Since these says I don't take much pic if myself. Maybe later.

So i'm just gonna put this pic of myself. which i love so much. HEHE.

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